Mary Trentadue

My last name is Trentadue and it means 32 in Italian. So that’s where the 32 comes from. I also felt Solutions was a good way to describe the work I do. I love to problem solve, provide solutions and make a difference for my clients.

I transitioned to becoming a Virtual Assistant after being a CEO’s executive assistant for a few years. Actually, I was the EA to several CEO’s at the same time but that’s another story! My son was just born and I was looking for more flexibility in my career. I still wanted to provide personal assistance and manage projects but from home and with more flexibility in my schedule.

I have been a Virtual Assistant for approximately 5 years. I really love this work and providing important support for my clients. I am also a City Councillor and am serving my first term in the City in which I live. This is also really inspiring work – I get to work with the community and be a part of “growing a city”. I would say my most important work is that of being a mom. My son is still young and I want to make sure I am available to him as his needs change.